Asbestos Roof: What You Need To Know

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Over the decades, asbestos roofing grew quite popular around the world. In 2003, however, Australia banned the use of asbestos in construction. This is primarily due to the severe health risks that the material poses, making it extremely dangerous to live in a home with an asbestos roof. However, in case your home underwent construction earlier, chances are that the structure may contain asbestos. In … Continue reading Asbestos Roof: What You Need To Know »

How to Identify Asbestos

Asbestos is also infamously known as ‘the hidden killer’. The fibres are so small that they can’t be seen by the naked eye. It is found in older buildings, where it was commonly used in roof, walls and ceilings. Illness due to exposure takes years to manifest, but when it does it is quite risky. A lot of people succumb to diseases caused by exposure … Continue reading How to Identify Asbestos »

What Does Asbestos Look Like

Asbestos is a material that occurs naturally and is resistant to heat, electricity, and fire. Its durability made it a widely-used option in consumer products, from building insulation to oven mitts. In the 1970s it was learned that asbestos exposure has several risks to human health, some as serious as cancer. Nowadays, asbestos is heavily regulated in the US, but it still is found in … Continue reading What Does Asbestos Look Like »

When is Asbestos can be Very Dangerous?

Asbestos is a notorious culprit when it comes to risk factors to the human body. Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate fibre that can’t be eliminated from the body once consumed. You can imagine it as a permanent block in your body that causes multiple issues like the painful working of organs and even cancers. Asbestos inspection is a must for all residential and commercial … Continue reading When is Asbestos can be Very Dangerous? »

How Does Asbestos Cause Cancer?

Asbestos is an increasing factor causing cancer nowadays. This is one of the main reasons that more and more people are looking for the best asbestos removal. Let us have a quick look at asbestos and its related concerns with cancer. What is Asbestos? Asbestos is a fibrous silicate material. It is a naturally occurring material that is made up of thin and long fibrous … Continue reading How Does Asbestos Cause Cancer? »

Asbestos Safety

Many commercial and residential structures built before 1980contained asbestos in some form or the other. Features like drywall, insulation, and other building materials had some level of asbestos. Installations such as floor mastics, vinyl floor backings, wallboards, wall plasters, ceiling tiles, etc. also used to have asbestos. In Australia, the use of asbestos was banned in 2003, but there are many older structures to this … Continue reading Asbestos Safety »

Asbestos Removal Laws

Asbestos removal in NSW is a very specialized job. It is covered under the New South Wales Government as well as Work Cover Regulations and Guidelines. While the laws around asbestos removal have many specifications that may not be very easy to keep in view, you can find all the guidelines on the SafeWork NSW website. However, here we take a look at the basic … Continue reading Asbestos Removal Laws »

How To Safely Remove Asbestos From Your Home

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If you’re renovating or even demolishing any part of your home, and are aware of the existence of asbestos in the structure, you need to make sure that asbestos removal is carried out efficiently, safely and in line with the government rules and regulations.  While following the code is a legal requirement, it will also ensure that you and your family are safe. DIY asbestos … Continue reading How To Safely Remove Asbestos From Your Home »

How Do You Safely Remove Asbestos

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Many structures that have been constructed before 1980 have some features made of asbestos. These products were widely used in building various structures due to their insulating and fire-resistant properties. It was commonly found in elements such as floor and ceiling tiles, wallboards, wall plasters, vinyl floor backings and floor mastics and more. Many older structures that are standing today still have asbestos-containing features.  But … Continue reading How Do You Safely Remove Asbestos »

What Tools Not To Use When Removing Asbestos

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Before embarking on any work involving asbestos features, you should assess the overall nature and size of the job, and whether you would be able to complete the task. At any point, if you feel that the task is beyond your ability or too complicated, hire a qualified tradesperson.  If you decide to handle the job yourself, then it’s best to assess how many sessions … Continue reading What Tools Not To Use When Removing Asbestos »