Walls and ceilings were coated with paint after being covered with a textured substance made with asbestos. It has been our experience at BreatheEASY that the vast majority of people are unaware that there could be asbestos in paint. Instead, they think it is only ever found in particular fixtures and amenities.

About Asbestos In Paint

Throughout the 20th century, several paints included asbestos and were used to give walls and ceilings depth. After it was discovered that liquid paint-containing asbestos components could flow easily and remain stable in hot and cold climates, the product quickly gained popularity among producers.

It should be noted that Asbestos additives were created to improve paint colour. Asbestos-containing paints may become flaky after weathering, brittleness, heat, or exposure to the sun.

Asbestos in Paint – Some Facts

Here are some things to keep in mind if you have an older house and are worried about asbestos exposure from paints:

Illnesses That Exposure To Asbestos Can Cause

  • Asbestos exposure has been related to a wide range of illnesses.
  • Mesothelioma, a malignancy that may affect the lungs and the stomach, is among the most well-known. Lung cancer can occur due t o exposure to asbestos.
  • Pleural thickening and Asbestosis are two of the many non-cancerous diseases associated with asbestos exposure.

How Asbestos Enters The Body

Asbestos exposure mainly results in respiratory problems because asbestos is only absorbed into the body after inhaling. The fibres of asbestos can become airborne. When fibres are released into the air, people living in that residence are continually exposed to them through their breathing. This is especially the case with dwellings that haven’t had the asbestos levels evaluated and, if necessary, reduced.

Signs Of Asbestos Dangers

Just because a residence had asbestos-containing paint is no reason for the homeowner to assume they are in danger of asbestos-related health problems. Asbestos exposure is rare if the paint is in excellent condition and has not been damaged or disturbed by rot or renovations.

Unless demolition or maintenance work is conducted, or the asbestos-containing painted surface has started to disintegrate, asbestos fibres will not be released into the air.

Get Asbestos Inspection By asbestos removal Sydney Experts

Asbestos detection and removal experts can examine a painted surface inside a property to see if it poses a health risk. It is essential to perform a professional inspection like we provide to find out if the fixtures and fittings in your house contain asbestos

You should learn about asbestos abatement strategies if asbestos is a problem in your house. Depending on the specifics of the scenario, asbestos must either be remediated or removed.

The risk of exposure increases if asbestos-containing paint or building materials have begun to flake or disintegrate. In such instances, it may be essential to strip the surfaces on which the paints were applied completely.

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