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Removing asbestos is a dangerous and complicated process that requires fully trained and licensed industry professionals. At BreathEASY, we ensure the safest process for both our clients and our team in every Sydney asbestos removal project we do.

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The Premier Provider Of Asbestos Removal Services

BreathEASY is the leading provider of comprehensive and safe asbestos removal services in Sydney.

With our expertise and commitment to safety, we offer a range of specialised solutions to meet all your asbestos-related needs. Our team of licensed professionals is highly trained and experienced in asbestos inspection, removal, decontamination and disposal.

When it comes to asbestos inspection, we employ a safe process and state-of-the-art equipment to identify and assess the presence of asbestos on your property. Our meticulous inspections ensure accurate results, enabling us to develop tailored solutions for your specific situation.

In cases where asbestos removal is necessary, our skilled technicians follow strict protocols and utilise the most advanced tools to eliminate all asbestos-containing materials safely. We understand the risks associated with asbestos fibres and take every precaution to minimise their release and ensure your safety.

After removal, our thorough decontamination process effectively cleans and sanitises the affected areas, eliminating any lingering asbestos particles. Additionally, we adhere to government regulations for proper asbestos disposal, maintaining environmentally responsible practices.

Our Asbestos Decontamination Process

Asbestos, a silent intruder in your living spaces, demands thorough decontamination to ensure a safe environment after removal.

BreathEASY Asbestos Removal emphasises the critical step often overlooked by other asbestos removal services — the comprehensive decontamination process. Beyond surface removal, securing your property involves meticulous cleansing of the entire area post-asbestos removal. Our safe asbestos removal services include taking these steps for thorough asbestos decontamination:


The decontamination begins with waste and debris collection, ensuring proper sealing to prevent any potential leakage during transport.


Equipment used in the removal process undergoes meticulous decontamination, sealed and treated with HEPA filter vacuums, wet rugs or water-solvent solutions. Personal decontamination is equally prioritised, with protective gear and respiratory kits cleaned to eliminate any lingering asbestos fibres.

BreathEASY Asbestos Removal is dedicated to providing top-notch decontamination services, acknowledging the persistent dangers of asbestos. Whether in homes, offices or other properties, our expertise extends to comprehensive decontamination, ensuring a toxin-free environment.

Learn more about our asbestos decontamination process, or contact us for any questions and concerns regarding our safe asbestos removal services.

Choose BreathEASY for Safe Asbestos Removal Services

Understanding the significance of a safe living and working space, BreathEASY Asbestos Removal offers tailored asbestos removal services for homeowners and business owners alike.

Our commitment to safety encompasses a range of services, from asbestos removal to meticulous decontamination, providing clients with the assurance of a thoroughly sanitised property.

As your trusted partner for safe asbestos removal services, BreathEASY guarantees the following:

Government-qualified and licensed professionals

Government-qualified and
licensed professionals

100% efficiency in asbestos decontamination

100% efficiency in
asbestos decontamination

The best equipment, tools, and techniques

The best equipment,
tools, and techniques

The best equipment, tools, and techniques

Strong support team
for guidance throughout
the process

Fair pricing for residential & commercial asbestos removal

Fair pricing for
residential & commercial
asbestos removal

Expect Safe Asbestos Removal Services From BreathEASY

Are you in need of professional and safe asbestos removal services in Sydney? Look no further than BreathEASY.

With our team of licensed and highly trained experts, we are your go-to solution for all your asbestos removal needs. Whether it’s a residential or commercial property, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle projects of any size and complexity. 

Our advanced techniques, state-of-the-art equipment and strict compliance with government regulations ensure a safe and thorough asbestos removal process. Your health and safety are our top priorities, and we strive to provide exceptional customer satisfaction alongside our flawlessly safe asbestos removal services. 

Discover why we’re one of the leading asbestos removal companies in Sydney today. Don’t compromise on your well-being —reach out to us today and let BreathEASY take care of all your asbestos removal problems in Sydney.

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