Although the use of asbestos has significantly diminished in Australian homes, you might have an asbestos roof if you reside in one of the older buildings. As you know, asbestos fibres prove to be detrimental to health, it’s imperative to seek professional services for asbestos removal in Sydney. Asbestos sheets require routine maintenance and servicing. Unless you have experienced hands working on these tasks, your family wouldn’t be free from the health hazards of asbestos. This explains why concerned homeowners in Sydney hire experienced roofers for asbestos cleaning from time to time.

How to know whether or not your roof has asbestos?

As a property owner, you shoulder a legal responsibility to detect the presence of asbestos on the roof. Therefore, you need to hire experts for asbestos inspection. The supervisor would collect some samples from your roof to identify the issue. In case you have asbestos problems on your roof, you might notice the following problems.

  • Degradation of your roof due to rain, UV rays, wind, and snow. These elements would make the surface porous, which would make the ceiling damp.
  • The moisture might be excessive enough to corrode the surface of the roof. This would lead to the weakening of the structure in the long run.
  • In AC sheets, you might have only 10% asbestos fibre. However, you must note that weather erosion caused by severe conditions can expose these fibres.
  • In case you have an older AC roof sheet on your roof, you might notice lichen and moss growing on it. This can lead to condensation and cold spots, particularly on the steel purlins.
  • Over time, a structural settlement might lead to cracks in the sheets.
  • The original fixings of the sheet might undergo corrosion, and it might be impractical to replace these components.

Preparing the site for asbestos cleaning

Since asbestos can be detrimental to health, make sure to inform your neighbours when you hire a professional company to clean it. Restrict access to the surrounding areas to ensure that no one gets harmed.

Here are some guidelines that might prove helpful to you.

  • Shut all the doors and windows in your house
  • Keep the air vents properly covered
  • Put the air conditioning in your home off
  • Cover the area using plastic sheets or a tarp
  • Use proper bags for removing the asbestos
  • Remove any objects, including lawn equipment from the site
  • Get dedicated cleaning accessories like rags and mops
  • Remove all the necessary items in an accessible place

A dedicated roof maintenance company will help you prepare the site for asbestos removal. With one of these professional service providers, you would receive the necessary assistance to prepare the site.

Equipment and tools for asbestos removal

Established roofing companies use dedicated tools and equipment while working on asbestos shingles. They also carry adequate experience and take the necessary precautionary measures to prevent health hazards. Reputed service providers wouldn’t be using power equipment like drill machines, which would cause the asbestos fibres to fly out.

Asbestos shingles are brittle, which requires the experts to work with extra care. Therefore, they deploy only hand-operated tools at low speeds while maintaining your asbestos roofs.

An established service provider would adhere to these principles:

  • The experts wouldn’t use high-pressure jets of water or power washers, as the asbestos fibres would get scattered.
  • Neither would they deploy compressed air tools or power tools such as saws or grinders.
  • Using vacuum cleaners would not be recommended.
  • Experienced professionals never use sanding discs or abrasive cutting tools.
  • They would recommend their staff not to use electric grinders or sanders

Why do you need a professional asbestos removal company?

Well, you already know how hazardous asbestos can be. Inhaling the asbestos fibres can lead to potential health conditions like cancer and irreversible tissue scarring. So, the risk isn’t worth taking after all. With skilled roofers around, you simply need to give them a call.

Established companies like BE Asbestos Removal Sydney can help you prepare the site and recommend all the precautionary measures before they take on the task. These professionals have extensive experience in removing asbestos from roofs in your city. This way, they ensure a safe and effective asbestos removal process. You can reach out to the experts for repairing, cleaning, or maintaining your asbestos roof.