How To Remove Asbestos Properly

If your home was built sometime before 1980, it’s likely there will be a certain amount of asbestos on your property. Most materials that were utilised in the construction of homes before 1980 had a certain amount of asbestos due to its fire-resistant and insulating properties. It was used in a number of different features such as wall boards, ceiling tiles, floor tiles, floor mastics, … Continue reading How To Remove Asbestos Properly »

What Exactly Is Asbestos?

Asbestos isn’t just one particular material. In fact,it is a commercial term used to describe six different fibrous, naturally-occurring minerals. All of these minerals have certain qualities that make them suitable for specific commercial products. Asbestos has thermal and chemicaldegradation-resistant properties. In addition, it is a very good insulation material and is also fire proof as well. This is why it is used in ceilings, … Continue reading What Exactly Is Asbestos? »

How To Dispose Of Asbestos

Asbestos removalist

At one point in time, Australia used to be one of the largest consumers of asbestos-containing products. These products were used in the construction of commercial buildings and homes due to the material’s effectiveness in insulation, as well as its affordability. Asbestos is now banned in Australia. However, they exist literally thousands of buildings, residential as well as commercial, that have installations made of asbestos. … Continue reading How To Dispose Of Asbestos »

Exposure to asbestos: What you need to know

NSW government’s consistent and rigorous efforts have educated people about the harmful effects of asbestos. However, we at Breath Easy Asbestos Removal, a highly skilled asbestos removal west Sydney company have found that most people do not know why and when it is harmful. Our experts, therefore, thought of educating concerned people about this material through this blog.Asbestos is a silicate mineral that is made of thin … Continue reading Exposure to asbestos: What you need to know »

How to find out if your home or workplace has asbestos

Living with asbestos can be stressful and harmful; even worse is when you don’t know if you are surrounded by this material. It can be anywhere in your house. The sad part is that you cannot see its fibres through your naked eyes.So, how to find out if you are living with this devastating mineral? The answer is rather simple. Call a licensed and government … Continue reading How to find out if your home or workplace has asbestos »