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Asbestos was widely used in various residential and commercial construction projects throughout Australia between the 1940s and the late 1970s. This material was inexpensive and had fire and electricity resistance as well as insulation properties.

However, the material became a health hazard when the installations deteriorated or were damaged, allowing the fibres to be released into the air. It was eventually banned in Australia in 2003, but many older structures still have asbestos in some places.

Why is Asbestos Hazardous?

Exposure to these minerals can potentially cause complex respiratory issues such as lung cancer or asbestosis. If your residential or commercial property has any asbestos installations, and you’re planning on some renovation work, you must hire licensed professionals for asbestos removal and asbestos disposal.

We at BreathEASY are proven experts in the field. As an Australian Government Approved company, we manage these projects safely and in line with set guidelines. Our team of asbestos removals specialists manages removal, decontamination of the site, and disposal of the asbestos.

You can be sure that we will complete the project safely and cleanly. If you suspect that your commercial or residential property has some asbestos features in it, contact us immediately. Our licensed experts will efficiently remove these features from your site and can handle projects of any scale and complexity.

Features That Commonly Had Asbestos In Them

As mentioned, many older properties have asbestos in them, as these minerals were part of most construction projects. Some features in which asbestos might be present include:

  • Ceilings
  • Roofing
  • Fencing
  • Floor tiles
  • Siding
  • Walls & dividers

EPA recommendations For Asbestos Removal

The disposal of any asbestos waste, whether from a commercial or residential property is controlled under the 1970 Environmental Protection Act and the 1988 Environmental Protection (Prescribed Waste) Regulations. The EPA also controls the transportation of asbestos waste when commercial contractors handle the job.

The EPA (Environment Protection Authority) has designated certain landfills in Sydney to receive asbestos. We remove the asbestos-containing features from your property, put them into special sealed bags, and dispose of them at these specific landfills. Here are some things to keep in view regarding asbestos removal and disposal:

  • If you feel that some asbestos-containing features on your property are undamaged or undisturbed, leave them that way. Attempting the removal of asbestos increases the risk of the mineral fibres getting into the air.
  • If there are any damaged or deteriorated asbestos features on your property, you must contact us for removal.
  • Our team will encapsulate the features to contain the fibres and prevent them from being released into the air.
  • Encapsulation is recommended only when the features are in good condition and not soft or crumbly.
  • During the inspection, if we notice that the features have deteriorated, we will either cover or enclose the structures in sheets or sleeves.

EPA Recommendations For Asbestos Disposal

As stated earlier, the EPA governs asbestos removal, and you can only dispose of these asbestos-containing products at a certified waste treatment centre. You should not:

  • Dispose of any asbestos products at a local recycling centre or tip.
  • Dump asbestos products anywhere.
  • Place asbestos feature in hard rubbish collection.

Dumping asbestos on private or public land breaches the 1970 Environmental Protection Act and the 1958 Health Act.

Hire The Services Of A Licensed Asbestos Removal Company

At BreathEASY, we are a reputable and highly experienced Australian Government-approved asbestos removal company. No matter how big or small the job, we can handle it for you. We offer a wide range of services that are part of the asbestos removal including Asbestos Inspection and Testing, Asbestos and Hazmat Remediation, Strip Out and Small Demolitions, Excavation and Soil Removal, and Asbestos Removal and Abatement. We follow all the guidelines set by the EPA for safe asbestos removal and disposal. Our team is here to manage every aspect of the job efficiently and without cutting any corners.

For any more details or information about our services and what’s involved in our asbestos removal Sydney solutions, feel free to call us at BreathEASY at 02 8093 5461. You can send us your queries or requests for asbestos removal through this online form, and we will respond shortly. Please use the form on this page to request a free quote.

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