When buildings or houses get old, you like to repair and remodel them. An important aspect before the work starts is to identify whether there is any asbestos in the structure. If there is, you need to follow the regulations of asbestos removal in your local area. Why is this important?

Asbestos, a fibrous silicate mineral, is heat-resistant and so used in industries where products such as brake linings etc. fire resistant and insulating materials. It is also extensively used in dividers, roofing, exterior and interior walls and many other features.

Regardless of how useful asbestos may be, it can be hazardous to your heath. When its fibers get disturbed, it is important that you to take care while handling it.This job is best left to professionals like the ones at BreathEASY because:

  • Asbestos specialistsremain updated about the asbestos removal laws in your area. The laws may not permit you to remove it yourself. So it is important for you that you understand these regulations and their implications.
  • As asbestos professionals, they are equipped with necessary safety gear such as personal clothing &shoe covers, and respiratory masks. They will also use the right disposal gear such as garbage bags etc.
  • You cannot mix asbestos with regular trash.  Professionals know where to dispose of the asbestos debris.
  • They strictly avoid using power tools as well as compressed air anywhere near asbestos. They know the importance of keeping windows open and collecting asbestos dust in one place.
  • They ensure that the asbestos material they handle is wet from the beginning to the end of the work and the fibres remain compact in their place. They are trained to minimise asbestos dust-generation.

Asbestos removal is a specialist’s job and hiring professionals safeguards you from related health issues.For more information on our services, feel free to contact BreathEASY by calling 02 8093 5461 or request a free quote via this form and we will respond shortly.