Asbestos is a notorious culprit when it comes to risk factors to the human body. Asbestos is a naturally occurring silicate fibre that can’t be eliminated from the body once consumed. You can imagine it as a permanent block in your body that causes multiple issues like the painful working of organs and even cancers. Asbestos inspection is a must for all residential and commercial places that keeps the occupants away from this dangerous thing. The rise in risk factors of Asbestos is because it is not dangerous usually.

When is Asbestos dangerous?

You may think that how come a naturally occurring substance is dangerous? To understand this, you have to understand its structure.

Asbestos’ Structure

Asbestos is a silicate mineral. It is available in six different types with each type made up of fibrous crystals. These crystals release asbestos dust and fibrils when exposed to abrasion or other strong forces. These smallest asbestos parts enter the human body and stay in it for an indefinite time. The small size and tough structure of the Asbestos make it highly dangerous for living beings.

How Asbestos Enters the Human Body?

The extraction of any mineral involves complex processes that release it into the surrounding environment. The same is true in the case of Asbestos that gets accumulated in the bodies of the persons in its catchment area. Thus, people into asbestos mining are at higher risk of its ingestion or inhalation in their bodies. It enters the human body through the respiratory system or digestion system.

How Does Danger Increase?

First of all, the release of asbestos fibres put all persons at risk. This risk is not limited to the mining workforce as many residential, commercial, and industrial applications use it. This is due to the highly resistive properties of asbestos that makes it a choice of millions. It is still not dangerous unless some damages happen to the asbestos surfaces. Once an abrasion has started, this releases its fibres. These asbestos fibres take no time in reaching the human body.

Secondly, asbestos is a silicate derivative. It never fails to get a long life when it is inside your body. This invasion of asbestos in internal body organs marks the onset of irregular development of tissues. This starts cancer in the body. Asbestos is linked to many types of cancers that are related to the human respiratory system and digestive system. The most prevalent are lung cancers, mesothelioma, etc.

Thirdly, if not converted into cancer directly, asbestos causes asbestosis. It is a chronic disease of the respiratory system. A person with asbestosis suffers difficult breathing with cracking sounds from the lungs. There is no cure for this dangerous disease except for observing prevention.


There is a great possibility of you being living with asbestos. As discussed, it is not dangerous when occurring naturally but had grave implications when released into the environment. With large applications of asbestos and its exclusive industrial properties, asbestos inspection Sydney believes that prevention is better than cure in this case. You must not waste time taking the necessary precautions from harmful asbestos.