The word asbestos was in fact taken from a Greek phrase that means unbreakable. If you have been aware of the bad health effects that comes with asbestos, the phrase was connected with the terms powerful and resilient. As a component, asbestos is in fact resistant to heat, making it a helpful and favoured building component in so many structures.

Being a material, asbestos consists of sturdy and long lasting fibers that are resistant to heat, outside toxins and other chemicals. These fibers are so durable, it is extremely difficult to split, which is why it absolutely was such a popular material to be found in buildings. Also, when it is blended with other materials, asbestos can grow to be more long lasting, which is why it is also utilized to construct vessels and cars.

Nevertheless, after so many years of employing asbestos in household structures, experts started to discover the well being risk that comes with asbestos and the usage of it absolutely was stopped right away. Asbestos had been certainly the favored building material in lots of industries for a long time, therefore, it is not surprising to locate footprints of asbestos in many older structures. For this reason, asbestos removal service providers still remain to grow even with  the fact that its use was discontinued. The most typical places that asbestos could be found in a residential structures include the residential insulation (HVAC duct insulation; sprayed-in and blown-in insulation) and residential building materials such as ceramic tiles, roofing materials, vinyl flooring, drywall and much more.

Without given a manufacturer’s label, it could be extremely difficult to identify asbestos in a material. The only way should be to send an example to a lab to evaluate it out. Asbestos fibers are microscopic thus, it is difficult to be seen, smelled or tasted. Besides, there is no quick symptoms or instant signs of asbestos direct exposure, consequently, it is very easy to breathe in asbestos without knowing it.

Your beloved home can be the source of your health problem. This material called asbestos affects human body and causing many diseases like Ovarian Cancer, Laryngeal cancer, or Asbetosis.

The way in which asbestos fibers reach the ovaries is still under discussion. Some cases were associated with talc contaminated with asbestos used for hygiene purposes. Ovarian cancer is treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy. For Laryngeal Cancer, this type of cancer usually caused by smoking and combination of drinking alcohol. But reports say that the exposure of asbestos can cause laryngeal cancer. Lastly, as for Asbestosis it refers to a progressive lung disease that inhibits the health and function of the lungs. It develops when inhaled asbestos fibers accumulate in the lungs and cause the formation of scar tissue. Over time, the scar tissue hardens the lungs, limiting the elasticity. Breathing becomes difficult and painful as the condition progresses. There is no cure for asbestosis and its progression cannot be stopped

If you are living under the roof of an old residential building or you think that you own some older appliances containing asbestos, it is best to have them replaced as soon as possible. Wanting to fix the issue all on your own could potentially cause the toxins in asbestos to be circulated in your home, which will raise the health danger of contact with} asbestos. You are highly recommended not to go with your DIY instinct, and instead call a licensed asbestos removal company like Breath Easy Asbestos Removal. We provide services such as asbestos removal, asbestos inspection, asbestos decontamination, and asbestos disposal. Call us today at 02 8093 5461 or get in touch online