Asbestos is very small that only can be seen using a microscope so it cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you want to identify if your environment has asbestos. You can try this step:

Spotting Asbestos

– Check The Surface Patterns

You can check and feel if the surface of the material has a pattern that looks like small 

a dimple or shallow crater covering its surface. Subsequent materials have a softer texture.

While this is not an infallible identification, seeing a pattern with dimples on the surface 

guarantees to take precautions with asbestos.

– Investigate Interior panels

If you see the oily appearance on the floor tile. It can be an indication that this material uses asbestos. Another interior that might use asbestos is walls and ceilings. This Oily appearance is made of asbestos bonded with asphalt. Careful with vinyl tiles and decorative wall too.

– Take a Look at Exterior Joints

The outside of buildings joins with an aluminium corridor, asbestos sheets are made. These

runners were held by small nails with no endpoint. Inside, asbestos sheets were held

together with plastic or wooden runners in the same way. This design could be a sign that 

the structure was constructed with asbestos materials. You should also inspect the 

adhesives used to bond two materials, as they often contain asbestos.

– Inspect Building Materials Outside

Roof and roof tiles are the most common asbestos-containing materials and if it cracks, it will release fibres into the air. Insulation also uses asbestos, they put it in the cement outside building to help insulate it.

Dealing With Health Concerns Due To Asbestos 

Long exposure to asbestos could cause a lot of serious health conditions. You may have a hard time breathing. There is no cure for asbestosis and its progression cannot be stopped This could include sicknesses like mesothelioma and even lung cancer. If you notice any symptoms such as difficulty in breathing, swallowing or swelling of the neck and face in your family, here’s what to do:

  • Go See a Doctor — Long exposure to asbestos could increase your chances of getting health problems such as asbestosis or even lung cancer. If you think you have been exposed to asbestos, then schedule an appointment with a doctor. Your doctor will perform medical tests to measure the function of your lungs and look for signs of cancer. After the medical test, your doctor will inform you and your family about the condition of your health. If necessary, your doctor will let you know the options for treatments.
  • Schedule an Inspection — The second step that you should take it to find out if you have any asbestos in your home. For this step, you will need to schedule an inspection with an asbestos removal company. The team will examine your home and collect samples of materials that may contain asbestos to the lab. 
  • Call BE Asbestos Removal — If you find out that your home contains traces of asbestos, then it is best to call a reliable and dependable asbestos removal service such as Breath Easy Asbestos Removal. to perform asbestos removal. 

At BE Asbestos Removal, we are a licensed asbestos removal companies that will begin the removal process by sealing off the affected area and filter the air to eliminate contaminated dust in your home. Then, the crew will dampen and remove all traces of asbestos. The area will be sealed off to avoid potential future issues. Finally, the materials are put in containers and taken to waste disposal sites. Once the removal process is done, we will conduct a post-removal inspection to see if there are any asbestos left in the area. To learn more about our service, contact us at 02 8093 5461