Until 1980s asbestos was heavily used in the construction industry due to its durability and heat and fire-resistant properties. Western Sydney also experienced rapid growth during this time. This carcinogenic building material was used heavily in western Sydney’s home. When the material was banned, many homeowners got it removed immediately. However, there are still thousands of homes here that have traces of this material. If you have an old construction and fear that it has asbestos, call us immediately for an asbestos assessment test. We at Breath Easy Asbestos Removal can help you get rid of this hazardous material quickly and efficiently. We are a highly experienced asbestos removal western suburbs company that is fully equipped to handle almost any form and size of project. We have removed asbestos from thousands of home and commercial properties here. Our hands-on experience makes us the safest choice. We can suggest you the best course of action and handle all legal requirements so that you will have a hassle-free experience. The NSW Government is highly active in educating people about the ill effects of asbestos. An increasing number of people have, therefore, started renovating their house so that they can remove this harmful construction material from their homes. However, removing asbestos is not as easy as it sounds. This material requires careful removal and not everyone is skilled enough to do this. Never try to do it yourself. Do not hire any construction agency to do it for you. Only choose licensed and insured asbestos removal western suburbs company like us.

Licensed Asbestos Removal Western Suburbs

We are a team of trained professionals who have extensive and practical knowledge required for safe asbestos removal. The techniques that we use are proven to be highly effective. Our entire process complies with highest Australian standards. We are a government-approved asbestos removal western suburbs company and therefore, you can count on us for your needs. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Investigating contaminated site
  • Asbestos surveys, testing, and analysis
  • Removal of asbestos from roofing, fences, wall sheeting, tiles, pipe lagging, and from any other area that may have this material
  • Safe disposal of asbestos waste
  • Contaminated site cleanup
  • Decontamination of the contaminated site especially at areas where the asbestos fibres may have got stuck such as the air-conditioning ductwork/plant, from the soil, etc.
  • Final asbestos assessment
  • Obtaining asbestos clearance certificate

We will ensure 100% decontamination of the site

Unless it is completely removed, you will still be at risk. Even the smallest fibre of asbestos is hazardous and therefore, thorough decontamination is very essential. We have all high-tech decontamination tools that can remove minutest traces of this material from hard to reach areas. We use safe disposal system. As per the Australian government’s guidelines, we pack off the debris in sealed containers and dispose of them at licensed recycling centres. We pay high attention to details so that all of us can stay safe and stay healthy. We have handled numerous projects in and around the Western suburbs. To see some samples of our work, check out our work gallery. To know more about the quality of the services we offer, read our customer testimonials. Call us at 0280935461 for more details.