Live an asbestos-free life. Contact us today to get your home inspected for this carcinogenic material.

Breathe Easy Asbestos Removal is a specialized, Australian government certified asbestos removal North Shore company that handle all aspects of asbestos abatement including cleanup and issuance of clearance report. We have extensive experience in handling:

  • Residential projects
  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Historical monuments
  • Security sensitive places
  • Government building
  • Education institutes and other places that have kids around
  • Healthcare establishments and other sensitive places.


We are highly qualified to do our work

Asbestos removal is a risky process and should not be done by untrained professionals. If not done carefully, the asbestos fibres may not get removed properly. If the site is not thoroughly decontaminated, people living or working there will always be at risk. We, therefore, strongly suggest you choose highly skilled and licensed asbestos removal North Shore agencies like us.

  • We are a fully licensed agency.
  • The entire removal operation is conducted in accordance with the guidelines of National Occupational Health and Safety Commission.
  • We have a team of highly trained and experienced professionals who can do their work with more precision.

We understand the dangers associated with asbestos removal and therefore, use innovative but tried and tested methods that help us make your premises safe and healthy. We have a range of high-tech asbestos removal equipments that can extract even the minutest particles that pose threat to your health. To ensure our safety, we use a whole set of highly specialized protective equipments. All of our employees have worker compensation insurance. This is the reason why our asbestos removal North Shore services are the safest and most reliable solution or you.

We have a safe and environment-friendly disposal process

Asbestos cannot be just removed from your house and dumped in a skip bin. This carcinogenic material requires safe disposal so that no one gets affected. We at Breathe Easy Asbestos Removal offer a complete range of safe asbestos collection and disposal services throughout Sydney and its Suburbs. Our disposable process meets the required Australian standards. The material is collected, wrapped and then disposed at licensed recycling facilities that process it before encapsulating it in the landfills. We comply with all NSW regulation and therefore, be assured that you will receive a good service.

We will provide you with an asbestos clearance certificate

As per Workplace Health and Safety Regulations, if you have sought asbestos removal North Shore services, you need to obtain an asbestos clearance certificate. This certificate is an assurance that all visible asbestos fragments have been removed and the place is now safe for everyone. Whether it is a commercial property or residential one, clearance certificate is mandatory. Once we have disposed off the asbestos waste, we will thoroughly clean the area and will then get the property inspected so that we can provide an asbestos clearance certificate to you.  Once you have received the certificate, you can start using the place as usual. Asbestos is carcinogenic. Let’s join hands to get rid of this material forever. Call us at 0280935461 to get your site inspected.