If you are looking for reliable and highly accurate asbestos removal inner west services, we are here to help you. Breathe Easy Asbestos Removal is one of the most highly trained and government approved agency that can make your home as well as commercial property asbestos-free. No false claims; we guarantee our work. If we fail, we won’t be able to get you asbestos clearance certificate. We have been in this business for many years and have handled thousands of projects of all sizes. We have successfully obtained clearance certificates for all of them. Our high level of accuracy makes us the most preferred asbestos removal inner west agency. Do not do it yourself. Do not hire any ordinary renovation or construction agency. Do not take chance. Inappropriate removal of this material can prove fatal. The fibres of asbestos are too hard to be removed and if not handled carefully they can remain in the atmosphere for years. They are so minute that they can resist your body’s natural cleaning process. If you want to stay safe, you must always choose experts like us. Being a well equipped asbestos removal inner west agency, we will be able to address your requirement immediately. We have a range of high-tech tools and equipments that help us dispose off your carcinogenic waste efficiently. To keep our people safe, we have invested in high-end protective equipments. We are self-sufficient and do not employ any sub-contractors to undertake a part or the whole of our project. Call us today to get your home evaluated.

We are a licensed agency

This clearly states our credibility. Not everyone can adhere to strictest NSW government regulations. Not everyone can comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Regulations. Only dedicated and skilled asbestos removal inner west agencies like us will be able to work as per highest Australian standards. Our credibility proves why we should be your first choice.

We are with you till the end

We do not leave as soon as the asbestos is identified and removed. We do not employ subcontractors or rubbish removal agencies for this. We personally dispose the garbage so that it is carefully handled. Once the removal process is over, we will pack the garbage in sealed containers as per the NSW government’s specifications and then transfer it carefully to the government approved asbestos recycling units. We will then start our decontamination work. Our high-end vacuuming machines and other machinery will help us extract minute traces of asbestos that may have got trapped at hard to reach areas. After the decontamination work is over, we will get the site assessed so that we can get the asbestos clearance certificate. We will be done only when you get the certificate which is an assurance that you are safe at your home or workplace.

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Sure we are a licensed and specialized asbestos removal inner west agency but we do not have high fees that only a few can afford. Living a healthy life is your right and we are here to help you. Our prices are highly competitive and we feel that every pocket can afford to choose us. For queries or assistance, call us at 02 8093 5461.