Do you think you have asbestos in your property? Don’t keep guessing. Call us right away to get your property inspected. If you have an old house that was built before 1990s, chances are that it may have asbestos in its construction. It should be removed on a priority basis so that it doesn’t affect anyone’s health. However, make sure you don’t hire any inexperienced and unlicensed professional to do this for you. Also, do not try doing it yourself. Removing asbestos requires a high level of accuracy as even a small trace of this material can become a big health hazard. If you are concerned about your health, hire only licensed and government approved asbestos removal eastern suburbs agency like us. We will:

  • Evaluate the site and do the required testing to determine the presence of this material.
  • If the material is present, we will prepare the area thoroughly.
  • We will brief about the removal process to the property owners so that they can prepare themselves.
  • We will notify the government agencies and the neighbours about it.
  • Once all the legalities are done, we will start our operation. The asbestos will be removed, sealed in a container, and will be sent to an authorized asbestos recycling centre.
  • After proper disposal, we will get the entire site inspected again to ensure that there are no traces of asbestos left.
  • We will do the required paperwork to get you an asbestos clearance certificate.

Experienced Asbestos Removal Eastern Suburbs

Being a highly experienced asbestos removal eastern suburbs agencywe guarantee you safe and high-quality services that will comply with the highest Australian standards. We will ensure that the entire process is carried out in the safest possible manner. From wearing protective equipments to briefing the homeowners, we will do everything required to ensure your safety as well ours. We are a highly experienced company that has successfully handled thousands of big as well as small projects. Our work has always been flawless. To see some examples of our past projects, browse our gallery. To know what our clients feel about us, read our customer testimonials. Also, do not hesitate to ask us for references. We are a fully established asbestos removal eastern suburbs agency that can handle all forms of projects including very old buildings, historical monuments, government building, and high-security areas.

  • No job is too big or small for us. We are just bothered about making this world safer for everyone.
  • No subcontracting. We do all our work by ourselves, so be assured that your property will always be in safe hands.
  • No experimentation. We have trained and licensed professionals in our team who are well aware of the most accurate asbestos removal techniques.

Asbestos is a risky material and most of us would be ready to pay just any amount of get rid of it. However, unlike many other asbestos removal eastern suburbs agencies, we don’t ask you to pay a hefty price to get rid of this hazardous material. Our prices are very affordable and will suit all pocket sizes. To know more about our asbestos removal eastern suburbs services, call us at 0280935461.