Your beloved home can be source to your health problem. This material called asbestos affect human body and causing many diseases like:

● Ovarian Cancer.
The way in which asbestos fibres reach the ovaries is still under discussion. Some cases were associated with talc contaminated with asbestos used for hygiene purposes. Ovarian cancer is treated by surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormone therapy and targeted therapy.

● Laryngeal Cancer
This type of cancer usually caused by smoking and combination of drinking alcohol. But report say that exposure of asbestos can cause laryngeal cancer.

● Asbestosis
Asbestosis is a progressive lung disease that inhibits the health and function of the lungs. It develops when inhaled asbestos fibres accumulate in the lungs and cause the formation of scar tissue. Over time, the scar tissue hardens the lungs, limiting the elasticity. Breathing becomes difficult and painful as the condition progresses. There is no cure for asbestosis and its progression cannot be stopped.

● Clubbed Fingers
About half of all people with severe asbestosis develop a condition known as clubbed fingers. The tips of fingers become misshapen, swollen and may take on appearance like a box.

● Benign Pleural Diseases
Inflammation caused by asbestos can weaken blood vessels, causing them to leak fluid. This fluid builds up within the pleural layers, called pleural effusion and can interfere with breathing.

After we know on how dangerous this material is, the question is how to spot asbestos? the risks of asbestos fibres are spready known, many structures constructed with the material still stand. Asbestos is very small that only can be seen using microscope so it cannot be seen with the naked eye. If you want to identify if your environment has asbestos. You can try this step:

● Date the material
Usually, manufacturer give product name label on insulation label. Use web search to find
and make sure it doesn’t contain asbestos. You can also check whether the building is made
between 40 and 80. At that time many buildings still using asbestos material. Even though
asbestos still not fully removed from building in 1980s, they gradually remove it. So,
some buildings built during that time could have used asbestos materials. But on building
that was built after 1995, you can almost certain that it did not use asbestos materials.

● Look at joints
The outside of buildings joins with aluminum corridor, asbestos sheets are made. These
runners were held by small nails with no end point. Inside, asbestos sheets were held
together with plastic or wooden runners in the same way. This design could be a sign that
the structure was constructed with asbestos materials. You should also inspect the
adhesives used to bond two materials, as they often contain asbestos.

● Analyze surface patterns
You can check and feel if the surface of the material has a pattern that looks like small
dimple or shallow crater covering it surface. Subsequent materials have a softer texture.
While this is not an infallible identification, seeing a pattern with dimples on the surface
guarantees to take precautions with asbestos.

● Inspect exterior building materials
Roof and roof tiles are the most common asbestos-containing materials and if it cracks, it will release fibres into the air. Insulation also use asbestos, they put it in the cement outside building to help insulate it.

● Investigate Interior panels
If you see oily appearance on floor tile. It can be indication that this material use asbestos. Another interior that might use asbestos is walls and ceilings. This Oily appearance are made of asbestos bonded with asphalt. Careful with vinyl tiles and decorative wall too.

If you spot any of these condition mention above, it is worth to check with professional like Breath Easy on how to safely remove asbestos on your environment without causing too much damage. But once again, your health is the main concern.