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Asbestos Roof: What You Need To Know

Over the decades, asbestos roofing grew quite popular around the world. In 2003, however, Australia banned the use of asbestos in construction. This is primarily due to the severe health risks that the material poses, making it extremely dangerous to live in a home with an asbestos roof. However, in case your home underwent constructionContinue reading “Asbestos Roof: What You Need To Know”

Can There Be Asbestos in Roofs?

Asbestos used to be a popular roofing and construction material in the past. However, it has emerged as a silent killer, as it leads to a variety of health issues when left unnoticed. Concerned homeowners hire professional inspectors to detect the presence of asbestos in roofs. The timely disposal of harmful materials can keep your family safe.Continue reading “Can There Be Asbestos in Roofs?”

Asbestos Roof Maintenance

Although the use of asbestos has significantly diminished in Australian homes, you might have an asbestos roof if you reside in one of the older buildings. As you know, asbestos fibres prove to be detrimental to health, it’s imperative to seek professional services for asbestos removal in Sydney. Asbestos sheets require routine maintenance and servicing. UnlessContinue reading “Asbestos Roof Maintenance”

How to Tell The Difference Between Cellulose and Asbestos Insulation?

As a concerned homeowner, it’s natural that you would be willing to replace toxic materials like asbestos from your home. Asbestos and cellulose— both these materials help in insulating your homes. A number of houses in Australia that were built during the 1980s and 1990s had asbestos. However, later on, asbestos came to be knownContinue reading “How to Tell The Difference Between Cellulose and Asbestos Insulation?”

Considerations While Removing Asbestos Fence from Your Property

When handling asbestos, every property owner should always take safeguards for their health and safety. Minute fibres released by an asbestos fence can be exceedingly hazardous when breathed or ingested. The government recommends that homeowners opt for asbestos fence removal in Sydney due to the numerous health dangers, such as asbestosis, and lung cancer, mesothelioma, health expertsContinue reading “Considerations While Removing Asbestos Fence from Your Property”

What Is Friable Asbestos?

When researching asbestos clean-up requirements, you will encounter the phrase “friable.” The removal of friable asbestos in Sydney and New South Wales is subject to stricter restrictions for air monitoring or clearance inspections. At BreathEASY, we are a government-certified asbestos removal provider and offer safe and efficient services. Many people are unsure about how harmfulContinue reading “What Is Friable Asbestos?”

What We Need To Know About Asbestos In Paint

Walls and ceilings were coated with paint after being covered with a textured substance made with asbestos. It has been our experience at BreatheEASY that the vast majority of people are unaware that there could be asbestos in paint. Instead, they think it is only ever found in particular fixtures and amenities. About Asbestos In Paint ThroughoutContinue reading “What We Need To Know About Asbestos In Paint”

How To Stop Worrying About Asbestos

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral often utilised in Australian home construction until the late 1990s. Asbestos was often sprayed into walls for insulation and used as flooring and roofing insulation before people acknowledged its risks. Asbestos is a known carcinogen, and many people have had it removed from their houses’ ceilings and floors because ofContinue reading “How To Stop Worrying About Asbestos”

Breathe Easy: The ABCs of Asbestos Removal

How can asbestos be present in your home? Once revered for its indestructible properties, asbestos is now considered a significant health risk, potentially causing asbestosis, mesothelioma and lung cancer for those who have been exposed to its carcinogenic fibres. Unfortunately, since asbestos was a popular substance for producing construction materials like insulation, roofing, flooring andContinue reading “Breathe Easy: The ABCs of Asbestos Removal”