Asbestos removal in NSW is a very specialized job. It is covered under the New South Wales Government as well as Work Cover Regulations and Guidelines. While the laws around asbestos removal have many specifications that may not be very easy to keep in view, you can find all the guidelines on the SafeWork NSW website. However, here we take a look at the basic asbestos removal laws that you should be aware of if you are planning on removing asbestos from your property. 

Disposal & Legalities- Things to Know

  • If you use the right safety precautions, you can remove a maximum of 10 sq-mtrs of bonded asbestos in New South Wales.
  • But, if you are removing more than 10 sq-mtrs, you are required to procure a license from SafeWork NSW for bonded asbestos removal or hire certified asbestos removalists.
  • If you choose to get the license, you would have to attend a TAFE- training or one by a registered and approved training organisation.
  • Any friable or loose asbestos has to be removed only by qualified asbestos removalists. As the property owner, you cannot remove it yourself.

Before removing the bonded asbestos material, the licensed professionals have several requirements they must adhere to, such as:

  • Notifying Workcover within a specific period
  • Having an appropriately qualified individual supervise the entire project
  • Having suitably trained technicians handling the removal work

Asbestos Disposal Laws to Keep In View

  • Contact the local council to find a suitable landfill site that can lawfully receive the asbestos waste in that area.
  • To locate an asbestos disposal facility closest to you- visit the disposal database of the Asbestos Safety & Eradication Agency
  • The Asbestos Hotline 1800 272 378 provides New South Wales with a central point of contact for all asbestos-related enquiries.
  • Ensure that all the asbestos waste has been properly wetted, wrapped in 2mm thick heavy-duty builders’ plastic sheeting. It needs to be sealed with tape before transportation to the landfill site that is legally permitted to receive the waste.
  • The sealed bags need to have clear labelling mentioning “asbestos waste”.
  • The waste has to be transported in a leak-proof, covered vehicle.

It is a good idea to keep copies of the receipts from landfills where you disposed of the asbestos. This is because the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or local council may need you to produce the receipts as proof of appropriate and legal disposal.

Hire Qualified Asbestos Removal Professionals

If you are located in or around Sydney, we at BreathEASY can handle asbestos removal from your property, in line with the state laws.  This gives you peace of mind that the job has been completed as per the SafeWork guidelines.  Our qualified and staff, as well as supervisors, are highly trained in line with the guidelines and regulations.

We handle everything from inspections and taking samples of suspected asbestos-containing materials, to reporting on the condition and advising clients about the appropriate steps to follow. It’s always best to hire qualified professionals for safe asbestos removal from your property.

We at BreathEASY are an asbestos removal company that has been approved by the Australian Government. We handle projects of any shape and size. For any information on our services, contact us at02 8093 5461 or request a free quote through this form, and we will contact you shortly.