At BreathEASY we believe in providing the safest and most cost effective asbestos removal service Sydney-wide

About BE Asbestos Removal

BREATHEEASY Asbestos Removal is an Industry Leader offering high quality asbestos removal and treatment services across Sydney.

What We Offer

We are an Australian Government Approved company that have handled some of the largest asbestos removal projects undertaken in this region. Since our inception, we have been the pioneer in this industry and have helped thousands of Sydney residents live a healthy and safe life. Our on-going innovations coupled with our unparalleled technology help us do our job with utmost accuracy, thereby helping you stay safe forever.

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Asbestos Inspection

Not sure if your house actually has asbestos? Not sure if asbestos actually needs to be removed?

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BreatheEASY Asbestos Removal
Asbestos Removal Sydney

If your house has even slightest amount of asbestos in it, you must get it removed on an immediate basis.

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Asbestos Decontamination

Once we have removed the large pieces of asbestos, we will decontaminate the site in order to…

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Asbestos Disposal Services Sydney

Asbestos cannot be disposed off at any ordinary waste disposal facility.

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Sydney-Wide Asbestos Removal Services 

BreathEASY is the top asbestos removal company in Sydney, providing a comprehensive range of services to ensure the safety of your property. With our team of licensed professionals, we specialise in asbestos inspection, removal, decontamination and disposal services across Sydney-wide.

  • Asbestos inspection — Our expert team conducts thorough inspections using advanced techniques and equipment to identify the presence of asbestos in your property. We leave no stone unturned to achieve a detailed assessment and accurate results.
  • Asbestos removal in Sydney — As a trusted asbestos removal company in Sydney, we follow strict protocols to safely and efficiently remove all asbestos-containing materials. Our highly trained professionals utilise state-of-the-art tools and techniques to minimise risks and ensure a thorough removal process.
  • Asbestos decontamination — After asbestos removal, our meticulous decontamination process ensures that your property is free from any lingering asbestos particles. We adhere to industry standards and guidelines to guarantee a safe environment for you and your family.
  • Asbestos disposal services Sydney-wide — Our responsible asbestos disposal services comply with all regulations and requirements. We dispose of asbestos materials at government-designated sites to protect the environment and protect the well-being of workers.

Our Process To Keep You Safe

We at BreatheEASY comply with all the standards and regulations set by the Australian Government.

As one of the best asbestos removal companies in Sydney, we will identify the hazard and use the most suitable methods to remove them.

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Indicate the areas

asbestos removal

Identify the hazard

asbestos removal


asbestos removal


asbestos removal sydney

decontaminate AREAS

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If you want to ensure the safety of your people, get in touch with us today at 02 8093 5461 Living a healthy life is your right, enjoy it